5 NOs and WHYs of HiDock H1

5 NOs and WHYs of HiDock H1

Dear Backers,

In the past 4 weeks, our team has supported over 600 customers with more than 900 Zendesk tickets. Everyday the team member spent over 12 hours with Zendesk and communicating internally. We used Zoom to do live support and successfully make 10+ customers set up HiDock and several other customers are waiting for our further solutions. And the engineering team (hardware and software) are working internally to support us. We thank you for backing us by our support action from our hearts.

While we will continue the work, the HiDock support team has synthesized several common questions and we would like to share with all of our customers. We want to start with the NOs and WHY they are NOs.


1. NO, You cannot find any folder for recordings

But we provide a free app: HiNotes to manage recording, and HiNotes performs transcription and summary services.

Why? Because this is a more secure and streamlined way. Your recording cannot be easily accessed by others. We will keep developing HiNotes for more features (like more summary templates, even your customized prompts).


2. NO, you cannot record 3rd party microphone with HiDock

But you can use a 3rd party microphone through HiDock (USB ports) or 3.5mm audio-jack in the computer.

And if you speak to a 3rd party microphone and record on HiDock, it records all the sound as well. Not directly from a 3rd party microphone, but from HiDock's internal microphone. It can be used to transcribe text without a problem.


3. NO, you cannot use 3rd party Bluetooth earphone with HiDock

In order to implement two key features: call recording and VoiceMark, we had to develop a proprietary HiDock earphone: E1. We couldn't find any 3rd-party earphones that support such important features.


4. NO, HiDock E1 earphones are not in-ear headphones

You don't have to insert it into your ear-canal, just wear it over your ear, and leave the speaker open. The Open Acoustic Architecture was intentionally not deep into your ear-canal to make sure you won't feel pain after long meetings.

Currently its volume is not high enough, it is a known issue and the HiDock team will fix it by software update.


5. NO, there is no HiNotes app from any app store

But you can install the HiNotes app with this instruction (https://www.hidock.com/blogs/user-manual/how-to-install-hinotes-app).

Why? Because in our generation one project (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hidock/hidock-worlds-first-hybrid-speakerphone), many of our backers asked us to build new devices without storage access and without app installation. This is more friendly to them. So in generation 2 (HiDock H1) we use the latest web technology to build app that does not need traditional installation. And with HiNotes, you can easily manage recording files without mounting any disk to your computer.


HiDock H1 is unlike any other device in the world today. It's new, it's one-of-a-kind, and it's young. We know it's not perfect yet, but we're working to improve it week over week. And we feel fortunate to have global backers like you. We cherish the Kickstarter community with its open voices and innovation-oriented people. Let's together build the unique HiDock experience.

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