HiDock H1 Audio Dock: From Kickstarter to Your Desktop

HiDock H1 Audio Dock: From Kickstarter to Your Desktop

We're thrilled that our HiDock H1 Audio Dock Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign ended successfully on December 9, 2023, funded with $554,444 with 2431 backers. Our latest AI voice-to-text App, HiNotes, has been launched on ProductHunt. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the backers who have been an integral part of this exciting journey.

HiDock H1 with little cat

Our Kickstarter Campaign: A Tale of Community and Innovation

Launching a Kickstarter campaign is a milestone event for us, signifying our progress towards the envision of AI-powered communication. The process wasn't just about raising funds. It was a stage for us to communicate with our supporters who are enthusiastic about sharing their feedback and insights.

Last year with our first-gen product launched on Kickstarter, HiDock Conference Speakerphone, we got success and gathered valuable feedback from our backers: detachable cable, Bluetooth and more ports. We listened, and we delivered. We're getting back with the HiDock H1 Audio Dock this year, with an enhanced communication experience that is smarter, cleaner and more delightful. Users' feedback motivated us to move forward and keep innovating, in alignment with our vision and mission - empowering the communication.

Behind the Scenes: Those Challenges We Conquered

Product Design with Users' Feedback In

Users' feedback has been instrumental in shaping the final version of the HiDock H1 Audio Dock. We firmly stand by our design philosophy: "form follows function" and have been listening to our users and incorporating their valuable input. We're proud to share a snapshot of users' feedback on the first generation of HiDock that drives our innovation in the development of the new generation:

  • 82% of users choose HiDock for home offices, 36% in the office, and 31% while traveling.
  • More than 79% of users prefer detachable cables.
  • Many users suggested that an extra USB-C output would enhance the product's utility.
  • HiDock's primary advantages, as reported by users, include its versatile functionality, excellent sound quality, and solid design, among other features.
  • A notable portion of users expressed a need for wireless connectivity and Ethernet capabilities.
  • Dual-screen support was also frequently requested.
  • And much more...

Building upon this, we have meticulously crafted the second generation of our device to embody more ergonomics, better control, and an enhanced auditory experience.

Product Design of HiDock H1

Triumphs Over Challenges

Building a product is no simple task, and we encountered a series of intricate challenges. One of the hurdles involved finding the ideal angle for both the speakers and the control panel. We conducted numerous experiments to collect comprehensive data on user preferences, spatial dynamics, and ergonomic considerations.

Combined with the personal meeting scene, we meticulously refined the positioning by tilting at a specific angle. This adjustment ensures that sound waves are directed straight to the ears, aligning with the characteristics of sound propagation. To verify this optimal angle, we crafted several different 3D-printed models for testing and consistently adjusted it to a precise 54°, aiming to deliver the most comfortable sound experience to our users.

In determining the optimal tilt angle for the control panel, we undertook a series of fine adjustments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our users' needs and the optimal operating parameters. This adjustment took into account the suitable angle of the human arm to the table, ranging from 25° to 35° based on ergonomic experimental data. After careful testing, we settled on a tilt angle of precise 25°, maintaining a comfortable elbow angle for users whenever turning the volume knob, pressing the answer button and adjusting the slider to reduce the noise during meetings and calls. Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, ergonomics, and functionality.

HiDock H1 3D-printed Sample


The Integration of HiDock and HiNotes

In our relentless pursuit of excellence across both hardware and software product development, we faced numerous challenges head-on to deliver the latest features. From our initial Kickstarter campaign for the first generation of HiDock, we innovatively integrated the recorder and speakerphone. We take pride in the fact that our users love it. Some users also expressed a desire for the product to include transcription capabilities. We valued your request, and we took action.

We initiated a feasibility study on how to integrate voice transcription with our product, drawing on our extensive experience over the past 8 years with Alexa Voice Service. This, combined with our commitment to innovation, resulted in swift and positive progress - bringing you our latest product, the HiDock H1 audio dock and HiNotes, a state-of-the-art hardware + software solution designed for calls and meetings with automatic note-taking. We listened, and we delivered it again.

hiNotes App features

Check out the HiNotes Speaker Identification Demo to see how effortlessly know who's talking with precise voice recognition.


Move Forward: Build, Ship, Listen to You All

As the Kickstarter campaign gained momentum, the overwhelming support from backers worldwide boosted our determination to deliver the best product and service. We're eager to stay connected with every backer. So we are currently entering the InDemand phase on INDIEGOGO, ensuring ongoing communication. And we have started the small lot production and will enter mass production at the beginning of January 2024 as expected. Our team is working hard to ensure a timely and smooth shipment and we hope to deliver HiDock to every backer promptly.

As we move forward, we never stop innovating. Inspired by the users' feedback from the Kickstarter campaign, we heard the ongoing desire to use their personal earphones to record and transcribe the meetings. We have listened, and kickstarted the product design. Stay tuned, we hope we'll bring more delightful surprises very soon.

We're excited about the future and the journey that lies ahead. The Kickstarter campaign was just the beginning, and we're grateful to have you on board in our community. Thank you once again for being a crucial part of the HiDock story. We can't wait for you to experience the desktop revolution we've crafted together.


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