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"Don't fight it. Relax and just let the AI revolution happen — with the HiDock H1 ChatGPT audio dock. "

"ChatGPT-powered audio dock can record, transcribe and summarize your calls, saving hours of work."

"This impressive device makes having a note-taker a thing of the past."

Trusted by Our Users

Nicolas G.

I need this device to help me summarise my meetings & calls. I'll be more efficient with this assistant! What a great innovation with AI!

Mason. L

I believe this will help me to catch details while sometimes I can not focus. I will need one at home and one at the office.


I would like to use HiDock H1 to optimize future job interviews. Summarizing the essential aspects of research and conversation with HR.

M. L.

Taking good notes is building a bridge to connect your future self. I feel HiDock H1 could be that bridge.

Cal. Hoffmann

Love the dark gray one!! Perfectly match my dark gray MacBook. Would love to use it for some lectures or online courses to make a summary for me.


Your Workflow, Streamlined

HiDock H1 is a desktop revolution with noise-free calls, ChatGPT powered AI recording and an 11-port-dock. An aesthetic add-on to efficient hybrid work.

Free Companion App with AI Transcription

Lifetime free transcription and summary service, featuring easy installation with no download required, supported on various platforms.

Your Meetings and Calls, Automatically Noted

From Zoom, Teams meetings to calls via FaceTime or WhatsApp, including iPhone calls and podcasts, all can be recorded into structured text.

Your Highlight, AI Structured

A dedicated VoiceMark for you to mark any important words. AI will specifically handle those marks and present you with structured notes.

Your Dialog, Noise Free

HiDock's unique Bi-directional Noise Cancellation (BNC) technology removes noise from both your side and your caller side. It improves transcription accuracy too.

Your Music, Immersed

A 7 Watt full-range driver, a 5 watt high pitch tweeter and a passive vibrator, HiDock H1 is a desktop sound beast. Delivers strong bass.

Your Laptop, Power Docked

118W PD Charing, Dual 4K@60Hz Display, 2.5G Ethernet and SDXC 4.0 Card reader. It is a future proof docking station. It charges your phone too.

Your Privacy, and Freedom

HiDock H1 integrates a comfort open-ear headphone for your private call. You can also move around with it during long meetings.