HiDock E1

Wireless Earphone Compatible with HiDock H1
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  • Open Ear Acoustic Design
  • Able to Record and Make VoiceMark
  • 8-hour Battery Life for Calls
  • Wireless Connection with a 10m / 33 inch range

Color: Slate Gray

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18-month Warranty

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Wireless Earphone for Free Dialog

HiDock H1 integrates a comfort open-ear headphone for your private call. You can also move around with it during long meetings. Move around without leaving the meeting, while still being able to record and VoiceMark as if you were at your desk. No matter you wear it on left or right ear.

Still Able to Record And Mark

The HiDock earphone was designed for comfort. Its ergonomic design guarantees no pain even while wearing it for a whole day. The record and mute buttons allow you to get the same VoiceMark and Mute experience as if you were at your desk with HiDock H1.

Talk In Private

Put on HiDock earphone to secure your confidential conversations. Easily mute or unmute with a single click. With a 10m connection range, you can maintain secure calls from anywhere in your home.


Email us at support@hidock.com if any further questions.

*Please kindly note the HiDock E1 Earphone is only compatible with the HiDock H1 Audio Dock, and is not compatible with the HiDock and HiDock Lite Speakerphone.