Warranty Policy

HiDock products are covered by a 18-months warranty (excluding Gift Card).

The warranty is provided in addition to the rights and remedies granted to you by the seller or granted to you under applicable legislation. Therefore, any remedy (e.g. rectification, claim for damages, right to terminate the contract) granted by HiDock or by the law applicable remain unaffected e.g, the right to claim lack of conformity within 18 months from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers all defects compared to the specification of the product in question, that may arise in the product within the below-mentioned warranty period, however, with the exceptions set out below.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated in documents provided in connection with the purchase, the warranty period is eighteen (18) months.

The warranty period starts when the product(s) is delivered to the first end-user. This warranty does not extend to any product whose serial number has been defaced or altered, just as the warranty will cease if you make modifications in the software not authorized by HiDock.

Note: If it appears as "Delivered” on courier's website (e.g.: DHL) for more than 1 (one) month, the delivery details on courier's website will be deleted. The courier will not provide any compensation to us for these order, that's why we can't provide any refund if the client does not inform us to investigate the parcel via email 1 (one) month after it has been "Delivered" on courier’s website.


1. What Does This Warranty Cover?

During the warranty period, if the original manufacture of the material or workmanship of the product is deemed to be defective.

Products and parts replaced under this warranty become the property of HiDock and are not returned to you. If products and/or parts require service after the warranty period expires, you must pay all labor and parts charges. Warranty coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the product.


2. The following are NOT covered by the warranty:

  • Accessories and spare parts (including but not limited to cables, carrying cases etc.)
  • Defects that have been caused by disassembling our product, wrongful use, improper installation, non-factory repairs/modifications, or improper adjustment of the product, or neglect, including but not limited to "burn-in", and similar wrongful use.
  • Defects that have been caused by lightning, fire, water, or other events of force majeure.
  • Defects in consumables, (i.e. components that are expected to require regular replacement including without limitation: carrying case, cables, etc.) or use beyond the expected lifetime of the consumable in question.
  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear, especially for leather product/s.
  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase
  • Lost or stolen products
  • Items that have expired their warranty period
  • Non quality-related issues
  • Free products
  • Repairs through 3rd parties
  • Damage from outside sources
  • Damage from misuse of products (including, but not limited to: falls, extreme temperatures, water, operating devices improperly)
  • Purchases from unauthorized re-seller


Not Liable for

  • Loss of data incurred from use of HiDock products
  • Returning personal items sent to HiDock


Please note that the above warranty policy is only valid for products purchased at hidock.com.


3. Warranty Process

  • Sufficient proof of purchase must be provided.
  • A description of the defect must be provided in order to issue a warranty claim.
  • If the defective item is damaged, visible proof (if any) must be provided along with the item's serial number (if any).
  • You may need to return the item for quality inspection.


4. Valid Proof of Purchase

  • Order number from online purchases made through HiDock’s authorized resellers.
  • Sales invoice.
  • Dated sales receipt from an authorized HiDock reseller.

Please note more than one type of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim (such as receipt of money transfer and confirmation of address item was originally shipped to).


5. Shipping Costs Must Be Covered by Buyer in the Following Situations

  • Returning products for any reason other than a proven defect.
  • Warranty claims on items taken outside the original country of purchase.
  • Returning items claimed to have defects but found by HiDock quality control to be in working condition.
  • Returning defective items in international shipping.
  • Costs associated with unauthorized returns (any returns made outside of the approved warranty process).