How to use the HiDock Earphone?

How to use the HiDock Earphone?

HiDock E1 is designed to offer HiDock H1 users the flexibility to move during long meetings without losing its key features of recording, VoiceMark and, of course, Mute control. This guide will show you how to use this earphone to make the most of the HiDock in your meeting.

HiDock E1 Earphone


Out of the factory, E1 housing and E1 earphone are paired already. You can just attach the housing to H1, they will automatically work.
If sometimes you need to reset and re-pair it, please follow the below steps:
1. Make sure E1 housing is attached to H1 firmly.
2. Make sure E1 is powered enough.
3. Click E1 function button 6 times CONTINUOUSLY
4. Click E1 housing button (from its back) 6 times CONTINUOUSLY
5. They will finish pairing in a minute



Connect your HiDock Earphone to the HiDock H1 via Pogo Pins and magnetic attachments. You will see the indicator light of the case will illuminate in green.
It can work within a 10m / 33inch range in regular home or office space. If you have a wall in the middle, range could be reduced.
Please kindly note that HiDock H1 can't work with other earphones. E1 can't work with other smartphones or laptops.



E1 will automatically charge after you put it back to the housing. Ensure the case is connected well with the HiDock H1. During charging, its LED light will show red color. E1 battery supports 8 hours of call.



HiDock E1 is an Open Ear Acoustic design earphone. Its purpose is to support long-hour business meetings without any painful feeling, not like in-ear design. By hanging on the ear, the speaker of E1 is loud enough to produce crisp sound without fully inserted into ear canal. This makes sure air flows in and there is no pressure on your ear skins. Our test shows a 2 hour meeting with E1 feels much better than in-ear earbuds.

Currently its volume is not high enough, HiDock team is working on software solutions to improve this.

E1 automatically detects if you have worn it to your ear, then switches the sound and microphone from H1 to E1. And once to take it off, it switches back. In order to make it performs more accurate, we recommend you to put it to your head-neck skin as attached as possible, so the wearing auto detection can perform well.



Record and VoiceMark

During any meeting or phone call, when you wear E1 on your ear, just press and hold the function button for 2 seconds, H1 will start recording. The Blue light shows up and an audio prompt will be played too.

During the recording, at any time, you can quickly press the function button once, H1 will lay down a VoiceMark for you.

After recording, simply press and hold the function button again, it stops.

Please go to HiNotes to manage your recordings.


Answer and Hang up Phone Call

Double tap the touch button on E1 will answer and hang up phone call.


Mute and Unmute

Press-and-hold the touch button for 2 seconds, you mute your microphone. Another press-and-hold will release the Mute status. You will see the RED light show up from H1 and also hear the audio prompt respectively.


Change the Volume of E1

You need to change the E1 volume with the HiDock H1 volume knob. E1 cannot change volume itself. So please make sure you tune the volume properly when you just put on E1 to your ear.

After use, just put the Earphone back into the case and upload your audio file in HiNotes to transcribe and summarize.


Force Switch the Sound In/Out

Sometimes you may still hear the sound playing in the HiDock H1 while wearing the E1 and glasses, as E1 may not effectively detect your skin in this case. Apart from getting the E1 as attached as possible to your ear, you also have the option to force switch the sound output manually from the HiDock H1 to E1 by quickly double-pressing the function button. If you need the audio playback in the H1, just simply put the E1 back into the case.


Check out this demo to see how to pair and use the HiDock Earphone


At HiDock, the team are passionate about communication efficiency. HiDock H1 offers us great enhancement. With E1, we have more freedom to move during communications. We hope you enjoy the freedom brought by HiDock E1, move around without missing important dialogs.


If you have further questions, welcome to let us support you (

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