How to connect HiDock H1 to HiNotes on Windows?

How to connect HiDock H1 to HiNotes on Windows?

HiNotes is a web application, it communicates with HiDock H1 via universal USB protocol on Windows, which will be recognized as WinUSB device on it.

However, you may not be able to successfully connect HiNotes to HiDock H1 by default. Please follow below 4 steps to make it work.


1. Go to Device Manager to check if the driver is correct or not.

Right click This PC icon on your desktop, and then choose Manage.
Go to Device Manager and then click Other devices, you may find the yellow exclamation mark which indicates a driver error. Follow the steps below to adjust the driver and enable device connection.
Use Mouse Right Click on HiDock_H1, Select "Update driver".

Then Select Browse My Computer for Driver.

Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

From the Device List, select Universal Serial Bus Devices.

Then Select WinUSB Device, and click Next to install it. You may need to confirm with "yes" when a warning dialog appears.

And then it will prompt the driver successfully installed.

After completing the above steps, you should see the HiDock_H1 device in Device Manager without a yellow exclamation mark.
Open in your web browser, click on "Connect Device" at the bottom left. A dialog box will appear as shown in the following picture. Select "HiDock_H1" to complete the connection.

If you are using Mac, there is no need to follow above steps.

If you still encounter issues, please contact us


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