HiNotes Quick Guidance

HiNotes Quick Guidance

HiNotes is a powerful AI tool for transcribing meetings, interviews, and conversations. It serves as a great companion software to HiDock H1. To quickly get started with HiNotes, this guide provides steps on how to register, fulfill your quota, and an introduction to membership options.


Registering for a HiNotes Account

1. Go to the HiNotes website: https://hinotes.hidock.com/

2. Sign up using your Google account or any other email address.

Register HiNotes account

3. We recommend using the email associated with your HiDock H1 purchase to register.


How to install HiNotes as an App

Install HiNotes in a few seconds — directly from your browser. This app is available on Windows (with Chrome or Edge), macOS (with Chrome), iOS (with Chrome) and Android (with Chrome) . For more detailed instructions, please refer to https://www.hidock.com/blogs/user-manual/how-to-install-hinotes-app

Fulfilling Your Quota

If you backed us on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you probably also purchased a HiNotes quota. We recommend registering for HiNotes with the same email used for your backing. Typically, your HiNotes quota is fulfilled in advance. When you register, you'll see your quota in your profile as illustrated from below example.
HiNotes Pro Membership Quota

If the email you want to use for HiNotes is different from the purchase email, please reach out to us at support@hidock.com, and we'll assist you in fulfilling the quota for your new email.

Mobile and Desktop Versions

HiNotes offers two versions: mobile and desktop.

  • Mobile Version: This version provides a handy AI tool for users, allowing for quick audio notes. It's free and ideal for capturing ideas or to-do lists on the go. Simply open the HiNotes app, speak, and it will summarize the key points for you.

   HiNotes on iOS, iPad OS and Android belong to mobile version.

  • Desktop Version: The desktop version offers full functionality when used with HiDock H1. You can manage your HiDock H1 hardware, access user guides, and handle recordings, transcripts, and summaries. More features are expected in future updates.


Important Notice for Compatibility

The connection between HiNotes and HiDock H1 is supported with Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, on both Windows and macOS.


Differences Between Membership Types

There are three types of memberships available.

HiNotes membership

  • Basic: Anyone registered will be a basic plan user, enjoying the mobile version of HiNotes, which supports 30 notes with each supporting 10 minutes of recording. On desktop, you can view the notes you've created but cannot upload recordings exceeding 10 minutes.
  • Membership: Purchasers of HiDock products can enjoy unlimited free transcription service, AI summaries, and Voicemark support with HiDock H1. Additionally, you can use HiNotes Desktop to manage HiDock H1, including configuration and firmware updates.
  • Pro Membership: In addition to all the features supported by the membership plan, Pro Membership users gain access to advanced features such as speaker identification, advanced AI summaries, and integration with third-party document platforms like Notion and Google Docs.

How to Purchase More Quota

The quota purchase channel will be available soon, allowing you to buy quota directly within the HiNotes app.


Deregistering Your HiNotes Account

If you decide to stop using HiNotes, you can go to your profile to delete your data and account permanently, ensuring no data security issues.

Delete HiNotes account


At HiDock, we're passionate about communication efficiency and are dedicated to continually improving the AI note-taking experience.


If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team at support@hidock.com.

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