HiDock H1 will officially launch on June 1 (PDT) with a launch price of $249. Place a refundable $4.9 deposit to secure your $50 OFF coupon. When redeeming this coupon, you'll pay only $199 for the HiDock H1, saving $50 MORE on your order.

Please note that only users who pre-pay before June 1 (PDT) will receive the $50 OFF coupon. The coupon is valid for redemption from June 1 to June 25 (PDT).

Hear What They Say

The HiDock H1 offers real noise cancellation, ChatGPT-powered summaries & transcripts for calls and meetings and a sweet speaker! It's really a life-changing type of experience with the amount of functionality, opportunities and convenience.

Review by @Dem Crumblies Tech