HiDock H1 FAQ

HiDock H1 FAQ

1. Why after I connect my HiDock to my laptop using USB-C cable, nothing happens?

Here are several things you need to check before connection:

A. Please identify a USB-C port on your laptop that supports USB 3.x, DP (display port) and PD (power delivery). Only such port can work with HiDock H1

B. Please remove the laptop's original power adaptor (HiDock H1 can output max 100W)

C. If you use Lenovo laptops, we recommend you to upgrade Lenovo BIOS and driver firmware to its latest version

With these steps, you should be able to start using HiDock on your laptop computer.


2. Can HiDock record audio to SD card or USB disk?

No, HiDock records audio to its internal memory. Please use HiNotes (hinotes.hidock.com) to explore and manage the recordings.


3. Why are the "auto recording" & "auto upload" features disabled?

We are still testing such features. We will release them once we finish testing.


4. Can I access HiDock recording directly?

No, please see #1.


5. Why is HiDock E1 earphone volume so low?

The issue is acknowledged, and the HiDock team plans to address it with a firmware release. Please keep your HiDock updated.


6. Why can't I connect HiDock from Mac browser?

On Mac, we recommend Chrome and Microsoft Edge for HiNotes. Safari does not support HiNotes and HiDock.

HiDock H1 Audio Dock with MacBook


7. Can I record face to face meeting?

Yes, we recommend you to sit close to HiDock, and face its microphone to the speakers. It works for 3m/10ft distance.


8. Can I use 3rd party microphone?

You can bypass 3rd party microphone to the computer. If you want to record, you can also record with HiDock's microphone for transcription. But do not wear any headset, because the headset audio cannot be recorded.


9. Can I use 3rd party headset?

No, HiDock only works with HiDock E1 earphones.


10. Why do I get HiNotes errors for "exceeding limit"?

It could be that you used a different email than the one you place the order with us. Please contact us at support@hidock.com.


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