The HiDock Guide to BYOM

The HiDock Guide to BYOM

What is BYOM?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a new workplace meeting trend that is almost self-explanatory: employees bring their own devices for workplace use. Studies show that 69% of employees already use their own devices at work.

Bring your own meeting takes BYOD to the next level, allowing meeting hosts and participants to use existing conference room devices (for example, the monitor or projector, the camera, the microphone, etc.) with their personal devices and connecting in-room participants with remote participants in hybrid workplaces.

While traditional video conference solutions are highly effective for remote meeting participants, new challenges arise within a hybrid space blending remote and in-person meeting participants which makes it challenging when the host and presenter is not equipped with the right tools.

BYOM eliminates those hurdles, creating the ideal environment for a frictionless in-person and hybrid meeting experience.

Benefits of BYOM

• Device familiarity – Familiarity with personal devices enables means fewer technology snafus and more productivity

• Flexibility in conference room set up and Cloud Video Conference platform – Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx

• Ideal for hybrid work – Remote meeting participants can view content shared on room display

How to Deploy BYOM with HiDock

HiDock is a multipurpose speakerphone designed for hybrid work. It is perfect for small and medium meeting room to deploy BYOM.

By connecting the meeting room display to HiDock via the HDMI port, it supports 4K display. Adding a charger to the PD port will enable HiDock as a power source to connected devices. The 360degree omnidirectional microphone array and powerful speaker will make sure the whole room is heard clearly.

It's type-c interface is plug and play to many devices that employees commonly use: Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus laptops, Macbook, iPad , Chromebook and even some flagship smart phones.

HiDock is designed for easy setup and use, with no need for driver or application installation. This means that employees can quickly connect their personal devices and start working without the need for IT support.

Security is a critical concern for companies implementing a BYOD policy. HiDock does not require a connection to any wireless network, and the built-in storage can be disabled to ensure that you are following company guidelines for data security."

Enjoy HiDock, Enjoy BYOM!

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