HiDock Prime Day Sale Guide, Save More Now

HiDock Prime Day Sale Guide, Save More Now

The HiDock Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023 is coming! Can't wait to celebrate it and get the biggest discount on Amazon, huh? We got you! The HiDock Amazon Prime Day Deal Guide comes. This blog aims to help you make the best choice about what you need to boost productivity and save more on this special event! Check out below and don't miss out on the deal, or you have to wait till next year, haha just kidding.

Prime Day 2023 Recommended for You

HiDock Conference Speakerphone

HiDock Conference Speakerphone


Highlights for you:

  • 360° Voice pickup ranged up to 16ft

  • Full duplex noise reduction up to 45dB

  • 100W PD USB-C, 4K HDMI, USB 3.0 5Gpbs

  • One-click voice recording with 32GB storage

  • Compatible with Zoom, Teams, Skype and more

    Promotion Price: $75.99 (Up to 20% off)

    If you're looking for a productivity booster for hybrid working combing with all the necessary functions you may need during the work, the HiDock all-in-one conference speakerphone must be on the top recommendation list. With the speakerphone, voice recording and USB-C hub compatibilities into one little box, HiDock allows you to enjoy a seamless working and online meeting experience no matter whether you're in the office or at home.

    Utilizing a built-in DSP chip and powerful AI algorithms to reduce background noise of up to 45dB, HiDock ensures clear capture of every word even in noisy environments. More conveniently, you can simply click to record the voice and transfer it to the memo. No more important notes will be missed out.

    USB-C Extension Cable

    USB-C Extension Cable 

    Features you may like:

    • USB 3.2/10Gbps fast data transfer

    • 100W/5A high-power delivery

    • 4K@60Hz visual feast

    • Universal compatibility with multiple USB-C devices 

    Promotion Price: $7.49 (Up to 50% off) 

    The HiDock USB-C Extension Cable for docking station (USB-C male to female extension cable) transfers 5GB of files in just 5 seconds, which is 10X faster than USB 2.0 cables. This makes it perfect for transferring large files, syncing devices, and streaming high-quality media.

    With the high resolution at 4K@60Hz, it allows you to enjoy high-definition fluent video. It is universally compatible with a wide range of USB-C devices, including USB-C hubs, MagSafe wireless chargers, Oculus Link cables, Nintendo Switch, and more. It's also flexible and easy to coil and store, making it ideal for travel and use in the 10-person meeting room or even more thanks to the length up to 3.3ft.

    NOTE: This USB-C Extension Cable does not work with any active Thunderbolt 3 docking stations/hubs/cables.

    Amazon Prime Day Best Buy

    We are so excited to bring you the good news that you will get USB-C Extension Cable for free when ordering the HiDock during the Amazon Prime Day Sale. Take advantage of our available promotion by adding the Extension Cable to the cart together with your HiDock before checkout. Free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Shop now and save up to 24%!

    HiDock Amazon Prime Day 2023


    The HiDock Prime Day Sale officially kicks off on Tuesday, July 11 PDT, and lasts for two days till July 12 PDT. Seize the opportunity to get your HiDock and get one cable for free. It will be your productivity booster and the best hybrid working companion.  

    HiDock Amazon Prime Day Sale 2023


    *Applicable Promotion: Add the Extension Cable into the cart with the HiDock together before checkout.


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