HiDock H1 Launch $50 Coupon

Sale price$4.90 USD

Prepay a $4.9 deposit to secure your $50 OFF coupon. When redeeming this coupon, you'll pay only $199 for the HiDock H1, saving $50 MORE on your order during the official launch, June 1 - June 25 (PDT).

After pre-payment, you'll receive a coupon by email.

*Coupon available for purchase only until May 31, PDT.

Terms & Conditions

Purchase Rules

  • The $4.9 For $50 OFF Coupon is only available for purchase during the pre-order phase before the official launch time - June 1st, PDT.
  • The special launch price of HiDock H1 will be $249. You can pay $4.9 now to receive a $50 OFF coupon code by the email address you submitted for purchasing the "HiDock H1 Launch $50 Coupon". By using this coupon, you'll pay only $199 for the HiDock H1, saving $50 more for your order.

Coupon Validity Period

  • This coupon will be valid for redemption from June 1 to June 25, PDT, and it will be considered invalid and expired if it is not used during this time.

How to Receive the Coupon

  • You will receive the coupon code within 10 minutes after your purchase. The email including the $50 OFF code will be automatically sent to the email address you used for purchasing this coupon.
  • If you don't receive the coupon code, please email us at contact@hidock.com. We will resend it to you.

Conditions of Use

  • The coupon can only be used to purchase the HiDock H1 Audio Dock at hidock.com. Each coupon provides $50 OFF for each HiDock H1 per order.
  • Each coupon can only be used once per order and cannot be stacked with other discounts.
  • The coupon redemption is not restricted to specific colors of HiDock H1.

Refund Policy

  • This coupon is only refundable until June 25, PDT. If you are considering not redeeming the coupons, you can contact our email address contact@hidock.com before June 25, PDT and we will refund the amount you paid. The coupon expires on June 25 and is non-refundable thereafter.

*The HiDock reserves the final right to explain the Terms & Conditions at any point.